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  5 skills your child should know
before starting Kindergarten.
Today I want to share 5 things your child should know before starting Kindergarten.

1. Tie their shoes.
This is not as hard as you think. Just let your child practice it in steps. For a few days teach them to do the X and go through the first loop (the easy part). Do this over and over. Let them tie everything. Next, move onto the rest. They WILL get frustrated! It is a given. If you keep encouraging them, they WILL get it within the week.
PS- YES, it takes much longer than if you did it yourself, but so do kids chores. Remember, it’s not about “right now”, it’s about teaching them a lesson that will help them for a lifetime.

2. Open a juice box.
Teach them each step. Take off the straw, open it, insert it into the juice box, drink it and throw it all away. Easy enough, right? There are many 5 and 6 year olds that do not do this because no one has taught them how. Teach your kids this little thing and it will save their teacher a lot of time.

3. Use the bathroom, wash hands and button their pants alone.  
Again, easy enough.  If your child can’t do this, you might want to send them in different pants. Most kids do not want to walk out, in front of 25 fellow-students, to ask their teacher to button their pants. Practice, practice, practice.

4. How to handle getting what they need.
Think about this: If they break their pencil, are they going to sit there and do nothing or are they going to take action and get a new one? If they need a spoon at lunch, will they sit and not eat or will they know that they need to “take care of yourself”? Teach your child to take steps towards being independent by helping themselves. Remember, you are raising your child to be a responsible adult.

5. Know the basics! 
Does your child know their name, phone number and address? These are IMPORTANT! You are relying on adults that have 24+ other students that day. While I’m sure that our kids will be safe , I still make sure that they know these things. I would never want to send our little ones out ‘into the world’ without this information. Oh - and this means their LAST NAME, too, not just their first name. If your child doesn’t know this, at least slip a piece of paper in between their sock and their shoe with the info on it. haha! That’s what I do when we go out somewhere with a lot of people, like an amusement park and the kids know to look for it there, in case they “forget”.

That’s it - I hope that was helpful to you, from a teacher’s point of view.  This is an exciting time and I’m sure that your child’s teacher will have a blast teaching your little ones! Enjoy the journey of Kindergarten with your child!


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