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  Parents' beautiful heartbreaking tribute to son

When the Blicks learned of Zion's condition 20 weeks into the pregnancy, they decided to
focus on "having faith and having hope" despite being warned that he might not make it
to full term. If he did, doctors cautioned, there was a good chance he wouldn't survive

But he did survive, and Josh, a pastor at Alpine Chapel in Illinois, and Robbyn were able to
bring their 4lb baby boy home, where he was doted over by his brothers and the flood of
visitors who arrived to meet him.

"[That] allowed us to inhale him," Robbyn tells The Blaze. "I literally didn't put him down
until he was one week old. He was held and loved and cherished for every minute of 10 days."

The Blicks shared Zion's tiny life with the world, posting photos to Instagram with the hashtag #iheartzion. "Today has been filled with joy and tears," Josh wrote on day 9, shortly before
his son passed away. "Love watching Z beat the odds. Hate watching him struggle. #iheartzion #livingwithamiracle"

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