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  Car Seat: Correct size

I am on a tight budget and, although I don’t want to skimp on anything as important as a car seat, I would like to make sure that I do not have to keep buying larger seats as my baby grows. Is there a seat that can be adapted as the baby grows?

The most convenient route is to change your seat as the baby grows. In this way you are always sure that the baby gets the correct protection relevant to age. Very small babies need to be held securely, for both safety and comfort. The most important aspect is to ensure that the seat you select has SABS approval. Ask the shop assistant to show you proof. Beyond this vital aspect, it is best to ask a shop assistant to show you the options available and the pros and cons of each type. Also do not be tempted to buy a second hand car seat to save money – it really is not safe if the seat has been in an accident before.

There are seats available that are adaptable as your baby grows. Some have a snug cushion that fits inside the car seat to hold a small baby. Once the baby is old enough, the cushion is removed and the shoulder straps moved up to the higher position, so that the baby is always both safe and comfortable.

It is also important to check that the way that the seat anchors is compatible with the design of your car. Also decide if you are going to use a seat that you can easily remove, which is probably held secure by the seat belt, or a seat that will be more permanent which is bolted to the car. Make sure that you never carry a baby in a front seat of a car which has air bags.

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