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  Breastfeeding – After Caesarean
I have been breastfeeding for four months now and my mother is putting pressure on me to wean the baby. Is she right?

Feeding fashions have changed many times over the last few decades and your mother may belong to the generation who considered breastfeeding somehow ‘unseemly’ and done for the shortest period of time possible. The pendulum has also on occasion swung to the opposite side of the spectrum, hence the women who are perfectly comfortable breastfeeding a six year old.

In fact, the main consideration here is how you and your baby are faring. The World Health Organisation recommends that children be breastfed for two years to ensure a strong and well developed immune system. But many babies and their mothers are ready to stop breastfeeding long before then. If after four months you are struggling with breast feeding, you could consider trying to slowly introduce supplementary bottles. You might find that by supplementing the feed that you find most difficult, when you are tired, that you start to cope better.

However, if in spite of the pressure you are under, you and your baby are doing well on breastfeeding, then there is no reason to stop. Explain to your mother that you plan to carry on feeding until either you or your baby feel differently about the situation. Remind yourself that your mother has your best interests at heart but that you can make the decision about what the correct route for you and your baby is. YOU are the expert when it comes to your baby!

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