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  Breech baby – Types
Can you explain about the types of breech baby?

A very small proportion of babies, in the region of 2-3%, do not present for birth in the usual fashion which is head first. This 2-3% includes babies that descend into the birth canal feet first, shoulder first, and in a variety of other ways. If the baby is feet or bottom first then the baby is in the breech position.

There are several types of breech positions, since the baby can be bottom first with the legs tucked up against the body (Frank breech), have bottom and feet both against the cervix (Complete breech), have one or both feet in the down position (Footling breech) or if the baby is lying across the uterus then the position is transverse. Of the breech positions, the Frank breech is the position most likely to be delivered vaginally if circumstances allow.

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