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  Classes / Courses
    Arts and Craft:  
  Indiatech Training
  Art therapy & Life Coaching Contact: Vasan Reddy 0861113373
0832609096 | indiatech@telkomsa.net | www.indiatech.co.za
  The Creativity Biz   Creative Buzz Workshops Contact: Robyn Cloete 0119545795 robroycloete@yahoo.com  
  Western Cape:      
  Appleby's Creative Classes   Fun creative classes for Children Contact: Susie Appleby 0826819624 | sueappleby@gmail.com  
  Fudge Art   Art Classes Contact: Tamryn 0842608319  
    Baby Massage:  
  The International Association of Infant Massage   Headoffice: 011 8862661  
  Pikanini Baby Academy   Contact: Karen 0119722036  
    Music and movement classes for children:  
  Western Cape:      
  Kindermusik   Kindermusik is an early childhood brain stimulation and
overall development program for children aged 0 – 7 years, conducted through music and movement

  Stimulation Classes:



  TopTots   Stimulation classes Headoffice: 0312664910
liz@toptots.co.za | www.toptots.co.za
  Moms & Tots Workshops   Stimulation classes Headoffice: 0114691530
mtwinter@global.co.za | www.momsandtots.co.za
  Moms & Babes Workshops   Headoffice: 0114691530
mtwinter@global.co.za | www.momsandbabes.co.za
  Tiny Tumbles   Junior Gymnastics Classes Contact: Tammy Smith 0823246568

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