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  Pregnancy: Gestational Diabetes – Insulin
What if I can’t control my blood sugar with diet?

Unless you are able to maintain your blood sugar within the limits defined by your doctor, you may be required to use insulin

. This is why it is really worth strictly controlling your food intake, and getting the correct support in tweaking your diet. Whether to use insulin, and in what form, is a decision that only your doctor can take. Remember that as your pregnancy progresses, you will have to monitor and adjust your insulin to account for any change in your circumstances, such as weight gain or additional stress. You will also have to be extremely careful with regard to any other medication of any sort that you take. You should consult your doctor about every single one, as over the counter medications can interfere with insulin levels. It is not unusual for a woman to be hospitalised for a few days in order to acquire the new skills she will need in managing her situation.

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