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  Immunisation – Measles
Information about Measles

Many people do not realize what a serious disease measles is. Aside from the incredible discomfort of the rash, measles can lead to complications which can be fatal. A very tiny percentage of victims are left with permanent damage of the heart or brain. The virus is extremely contagious, spread by air-borne water droplets. After an incubation period of around 12 days, the patient usually developes a fever and rash that starts on forehead and neck. White spots inside the mouth called koplik spots are used to aid diagnosis.

The side-effects from the inoculation, and from MMR, are usually mild but interestingly only manifests around a week after the injection. A rash, swollen glands and aching joints are all common reactions occurring up to three weeks after the injection.

MMR should not be given to sick children, although a mild cold is not a problem usually. If your baby suffers from a compromised immune system, or is prone to allergies or has had a blood transfusion, you should discuss this vaccination with your doctor before it is administered. It is also important to discuss subsequent inoculations with him if the reaction to the first one is severe.

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