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  Baby Birth Induction – Influence of Caesarean Scar
Although I had a surgical delivery for my first baby, my doctor has agreed to let me try for a natural delivery. However, the doctor is not willing to let me have induced labour. Since the first labour was very slow, I am worried that if I do not have the option of induction to speed up the labour, my chances are good to have another surgical delivery. Please help me understand what my doctor is thinking?

Firstly, every labour is different. Because you had a slow labour the first time, does not mean that that will be the case with this pregnancy. So you may not need anything to speed the labour up, and get your wish for a vaginal delivery. Since the contractions from induced labour can sometimes be strong, your doctor is taking the cautious route, and not exposing you to this risk. This decision may differ between doctors, but would most likely be unanimous if the incision from the first delivery is vertical. With this type of incision there is a risk of your uterus tearing during labour, and this event would be dangerous to both you and your baby. Remind yourself that the main goal of the delivery is to produce a healthy baby. If a caesarean birth is required to achieve this goal, then you should enjoy the fact that this option is open to you. Be positive and optimistic about your chances of a vaginal delivery, but at the same time trust your doctor and look forward to enjoying a healthy baby.

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