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Reactions to good news!

I would just to share an interesting situation that my pregnancy has created in our family. My husband and I are so happy that we are expecting and were eager to tell our friends and family.

What has really struck me is the way that the news affects people’s perceptions of themselves. It was a most curious thing to witness. For example, my mother was far from overjoyed. My husband was so excited that he asked to be the one to give her the good news. Far from the happy response that he expected, she was actually quite rude to him. Later when she called sheepishly to apologise, we discussed the fact that she was about to become a granny for the first time, and the thought of it made her feel very old, hence her unhappy response! Luckily she has got used to the idea and I’m sure will make a splendid granny!

My sister also had an interesting response. She really enjoys her life as a single person, and has never really envied me my married status. But when I told her the news, I saw in her eyes that she was really jealous. The idea of marriage and a baby suddenly became very appealing to her in that moment. That truly was an unexpected response!

My husband and I are seeing ourselves through new eyes. We are seeing the world a little differently. As I was driving home from work today, I noticed for the very first time that there is a play park near our house. It made me laugh at myself! Somehow my new perception of myself is not unexpected. But other people’s reactions have surprised and amused me!

Jane S

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