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  Nappy Rash
I change my baby’s nappy often, but he still gets a rash. What am I doing wrong?

Nappy rash problems peak between 7 and 9 months, when baby's more varied diet causes increased stool and urine pH (an imbalance between acid and alkaline). The exact medical reason isn't known, but it is believed that it starts when baby's soft and delicate skin becomes irritated by constant moisture. Some babies sail through the period without problems, however, unfortunately nappy rash tends to repeat in some - perhaps because of genetic reasons, allergies, excess ammonia in the urine, or simply because once skin becomes damaged, it is vulnerable to more irritation. So you're not doing anything wrong.

In your case the best cure would be prevention. We recommend Bepanthen ointment to block the moisture from reaching his skin. Apply a thick layer every changing time to clean skin. Make sure that his skin is completely dry before applying else you will just be trapping the moisture in. And if the nappy rash does not get better in a couple of days, or you see blisters appearing, take him to the doctor.


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