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  Newborn - Going home from hospital
Although I have hated being in hospital, now that it is time to take my baby home I feel so afraid. Is this normal?

Feeling nervous about going home with your new baby is a perfectly normal reaction. The responsibility for this brand new person suddenly falls squarely on your lap, and the hospital staff is no longer there to back you up! So when the moment arrives to leave the hospital, it is not surprising that you are full of apprehension.

The homecoming must be carefully thought through, so as to minimize any stress. It is not unusual for the new mother and baby to be swamped by well meaning and excited friends and relatives, all wanting a chance to admire the newborn. This is the last thing that the new family needs, and must be closely controlled. The risk of offending the prospective admirers must be weighed against the well being of the mother and child. For many babies the transition to a new home can be tricky. It’s a lot of upheaval for a small person to deal with, and the calmer and more soothing the new environment the better. In addition, the new family needs time alone to get acquainted.

And if you need another reason to limit visitors, remember that successful breastfeed depends on the mother avoiding exhaustion. Your new baby is extremely sensitive to your moods and if you are tired and struggling to cope, your baby will suffer. Therefore you need to be very clear about your own needs, which are paramount at this time. If you get a chance, try and speak to friends and family about this before the baby is born, so that you are not dealing with hurt feelings in addition to all the other adjustments when the baby comes home. This is also a good time to ask for any help you may need, such as shopping done for you, or a meal delivered. Your friends will be more than willing to be there for you at this time, and you should swallow your pride and accept the help.

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