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  Play - Necessity
I am quite a serious person by nature, and find it hard to join in the playing that my husband is so fond of with our baby. I know that he wishes I would play with her more. Is it really necessary?

If you watch a baby who is contentedly occupying himself, you will notice that he is playing. Maybe examining part of his body, sucking his toes, and grabbing at an appealing toy. This is a baby’s natural way to explore and enjoy the world he encounters. The play allows him to investigate and learn in a stress free way. In fact, now that technology allows us to see our babies even before they are born, researchers are noticing more and more how much of their activities involve play. Sometimes if you tap your pregnant tummy, you can initiate a game with your baby!

However, your baby will accept you for exactly who you are. Make sure that you do talk to your baby, sing to him, and do fun activities such as reading and introducing him to new toys. You are lucky to have a husband who likes to play with your baby. Encourage him and enjoy the interaction, even if you find it hard to join in. As time goes by and your baby responds more and more to the games, perhaps you will start to feel the urge to participate. But you can only be who you are, so enjoy your baby, appreciate your playful husband and try and relax.

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