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  Postnatal depression – Father's Embarrasment
Since the birth of my baby, I have been really depressed. I read an article that men can also experience Post Natal Depression, but when I tried to discuss this with my friends, they laughed at me. They think I am being ridiculous. Can men get Post Natal Depression?

Even for women, the issue of Post Natal Depression is a delicate one, and women in this situation find themselves misdiagnosed and misunderstood regularly. So the situation for men is even worse. Many people have not heard of the fact the men do experience Post Natal Depression, in spite of the fact that statistics show that as many as 15% of men experience it! It is a sad reflection on our society that people are so misunderstood and do not get the support they require.

You need to get support from people who accept your condition and will help you to come through it. Your wife may be able to source a trained counsellor at her clinic. Otherwise a visit to a sympathetic doctor may be helpful. The doctor may know of support groups in your area. The Post Natal Depression Support Association may also be able to guide you in this. Their website is www.pndsa.org.za.

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