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  Pregnancy: Preeclampsia - Treatment
How can I treat toxaemia?

One of the reasons for regular doctors visits during pregnancy (which can seem unnecessary, after all you aren’t sick!) is to pick up early signs of ailments such as preeclampsia. If severe preeclampsia isn’t treated, it could develop into eclampsia, which is dangerous for mother and child and can lead to seizures. The best treatment for PIH is delivery. So if birth is possible, usually the doctor will recommend it. In cases of mild preeclampsia the treatment aims at lowering blood pressure. Doing exercise, careful diet, stress reduction and, if necessary, medication are good alternatives. In late pregnancy the mother-to-be will be committed to hospital for completely bed rest. If the preeclampsia is severe, the treatment becomes more aggressive. Very often intravenous magnesium sulfate is applied. And if the foetus development status allows it the doctor will immediately execute the delivery, either vaginal or if necessary a caesarean.

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