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  Quality time - Working mom
By the time I get home from work in the evening, my baby is already getting sleepy so I don’t get to spend much time with her then. I worry about whether she is getting enough quality time with me. How do you know when you are fulfilling this requirement?

The most important thing for you to do is learn to relax about this. Your baby is not a work project, and you really do not have to perform in this arena. All you have to do is include her in what you are doing once you get home. If she is sleepy by the time you arrive, then you may only have time for a cuddle, maybe a story or a song, and then she may want to sleep? The fact that you spend this time with her is – you guessed it – quality time. If you get a bit more time and want to change and do a few chores first, just include her in this. Chat to her while you change your clothes. Let her hold and play with your clothes. She is learning, absorbing and spending time with you. She has your attention, or at least part of it.

If she is awake before you leave in the morning, make an effort to also make her part of your routine. Sing and chat and discuss your choice of outfit with her. This is fun for a baby, and then you can leave for work having spent some time with her. Weekends will also give you a chance to include her in your every day activities, like shopping and cleaning, and of course the chance to relax and play.

As a working woman, you will often be tired and unable to put in a lot of effort. Don’t try to be superwoman. Just be with your baby in a quiet way – it’s your company she wants most of all!

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