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  Second baby – Carrying a toddler
My three year old has become extremely clingy since I got pregnant. I think it’s because I don’t pick him up as much as I used to, because I am tired, have a sore back and also a bit worried about damaging the baby. Any advice?

You are correct to be careful about carrying a heavy toddler. Your body is already under severe strain and your bones and ligaments are loosening to prepare for the birth. However, remember that you are a healthy strong woman, and that pregnancy is not an illness. So take care, but don’t spend too much time worrying. The fact is that you do have a toddler, and juggling to try and accommodate his needs is going to carry on being tough. Perhaps you could make up for the reduced carrying time by spending a bit more time sitting with him on your lap, playing a game or reading a book, so that he does not feel pushed away. Also it is worth turning walking into a game so that he resists less. Singing songs, or having a race as you go can help him to enjoy himself.

However, there will inevitably be times when he has to be picked up. Make sure that you bend from the knees and lift in a slow controlled way.

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