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  Second baby – Difference in second pregnancy
How do I know what to expect in my second pregnancy? Will it be the same or different than first time around?

There is no way to predict whether your pregnancy will be similar or very different to the first experience. However, there are a few things that you are likely to notice. You are likely to be calmer during the second pregnancy, so that may mean that your symptoms such as food cravings will be less problematic – since many of the symptoms of pregnancy are made worse by anxiety. You will probably notice your pregnancy symptoms more quickly than you did last time, since your system is more geared to recognise them this time. However, your symptoms may be completely different. In addition to being calmer, you may be less excited about this baby. Many women worry about this and wonder if it means they will love the second baby less. In fact it is perfectly normal and does not mean you will have less love to show.

Tiredness is likely to be a feature of this pregnancy. You thought you were tired the first time – but it was easier to take a break or have a nap. Now you have a busy toddler, and probably still experience broken nights.

Your stomach muscles will have been stretched from the first pregnancy, so your pregnancy will be obvious earlier, and you will probably be bigger than you were the first time. Your second baby will probably be bigger than the first as well. The looser stomach muscles mean that you have a greater chance of suffering from back ache. The looser muscles also mean that the movement of the baby will be detectable earlier, and you will also know what you are feeling.

The best bonus of a second baby is that assuming you have a straight forward labour, you can expect to have shorter and easier labour. Your muscles have less stretching to do, and the labour process is familiar to your body. Each stage of labour is likely to be shorter, including the pushing stage.

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