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  Second baby – Small gap between babies
My husband and I are so shocked we can hardly speak. Our first baby is barely 3 months old and I am pregnant again. I am exhausted from the breastfeeding, and the broken nights and it really makes me worried about the chances of this second baby being healthy. What do you suggest?

Although your situation is unusual, it does happen and the outcome is usually perfectly fine. The best thing you can do is try to stop worrying, and rather put your energy into making the best of an undoubtedly tough situation.

Physically, this is going to be a strain on you. Make sure that you are getting excellent nutrition, plenty of protein, and consider and multivitamin and also perhaps an iron supplement. If you can afford it, it may be very helpful and reassuring to consult a nutritionist who can provide you with excellent support. Realise that any weight left from the first pregnancy will have to wait till you have delivered this second baby, before you attempt to lose it. The weight you gain for this baby will be on top of the extra weight you still have, and you will have to accept this, and not try to restrict your weight gain during this pregnancy. The healthy range of approximately 10-16 kg still applies here. In addition you will need to clean up your act, and try to avoid any activity, such as smoking, which could affect your health and that of your babies.

You will need to get really good support from your doctor and also clinic nurses. Get as much advice as you need. Ask questions if you are worried. Be diligent with your checkups, and report anything that is bothering you to your doctor.

You are going to have to swallow your pride and ask for as much help as you can get. Rest whenever you get the chance. Your body is under a lot of strain at the moment and rest is vital. In addition, try and include some gentle exercise in your routine. It is just as important as resting, and is very relaxing. Taking baby for a walk that is brisk enough to enjoy without you feeling exhausted afterwards, is important for your health.

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