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  Sexually transmitted diseases - effect on baby
I have a sexually transmitted disease. What are the implications for getting pregnant and then for the baby?

Despite the stigma attached to them, these diseases are not fussy about whom they infect and so are no indicator of race, background or economic background. The fact is that having an STD can affect your ability to conceive, and so you should seek medical advice if you believe you have an infection and wish to fall pregnant.

Having said this, millions of women all over the world fall pregnant while blissfully unaware of their infected condition. The routine blood tests carried out right at the start of your pregnancy should include tests for STDs. It would be worth checking with your doctor at your early appointments as to whether you will be screened for these infections, so that you can be forewarned as you embark on your pregnancy.

Because the health of both you and your baby can be negatively affected by the presence of an infection, once you have all the facts you should get detailed information from your doctor about the implications, and what precautions you should take.

If you are not in a monogamous relationship it is vital that you now get into the habit of safe sex. If you are in a committed relationship, you may consider asking your partner to also take the tests required to detect sexually transmitted diseases, to ensure that your pregnancy is as risk free as possible. If your partner also has such an infection which goes untreated then you run the risk of being re-infected without knowing it.

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