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  Sexually transmitted diseases - Syphilis
When I had my first set of blood tests after I found I was pregnant, I tested positive for syphilis. I am upset and unsure how I got this infection. Will my baby be ok?

While it is a shock to test positive to any STD, you are fortunate to live in an era in which we have the tools to treat these diseases. Undetected, syphilis can be very detrimental to the health of the foetus, causing developmental problems. Since the infection has been detected early, it is possible that these problems will not occur. It is vital that you are careful to follow the doctor’s instructions with regard to medication. This generally takes the form of penicillin injections, and you need to adhere very strictly to the treatment schedule.

Syphilis is easily passed on to those close to you. For this reason you should ask you partner to be tested for the disease, and do not have unprotected sex until you are declared free of infection. While the lesions caused by the infection are easily observable on a man’s penis, they may occur inside the vagina of a woman, and so be hidden. For this reason you need to be ultra cautious while you are being treated.

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