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  Sleeping problems
I really don’t understand why I am having trouble sleeping now that I am pregnant.

There are a huge variety of reasons why people suffer from insomnia and the insomnia that many women experience during pregnancy is no exception. If you think about it there are such massive changes happening in your body during this time that it is not really surprising that you might be suffering from disrupted sleep patterns.

The first thing to do is to make sure that you do not go to bed unless you are really sleepy. You may need less sleep than you think you do, and it’s the tossing and turning while you worry about not sleeping that is exhausting you, rather than the lack of sleep itself.

The second thing to do is to examine issues of sleep hygiene! Are you very stressed when you flop into bed, with a stomach full of supper? Do you watch TV in bed and feel too tired to do any exercise?

Well all that has to change. A small amount of gentle exercise, such as a 20 minute walk with the dogs, may be all it takes to improve your sleep. Evening should be relaxing times and all activities except sleeping and making love should be banned from the bedroom. Try to eat earlier than usual so that your stomach is not full when you go to bed, and then have a small snack at bedtime to keep you going. Make sure your bed is comfortable, quiet and well ventilated without being draughty. Try having a routine in the evening and include some kind of relaxation technique, such a meditation. Do not resort to medication unless you have tried all these suggestions and have consulted your doctor.

It all sounds so obvious, yet the solution to sleep problems can be quite simple. Just give your body the best chance you can of a good night’s sleep.

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