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  Smoking – Passive Smoking
My business partner is a heavy smoker, and we are together in the office all day long. It does bother me but I am not sure if it’s worth making a fuss about?

You are in a difficult situation here. There is very strong evidence which shows that the baby in your womb is affected as much by passive smoking as though you yourself were smoking.

The problem is that babies that are subjected to cigarette smoke get less oxygen than they should, and this slows down their growth. After birth, these babies are also at extra risk for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and do not have strong immune systems.

This is a situation you need to address urgently. If your business partner will not consider giving up smoking, then you need to change your working arrangement as soon as possible. If your partner will not consider going outside to smoke, then you need to perhaps establish an office at home for the duration of your pregnancy, and probably also while you are breastfeeding. You might have to be very creative on coming up with a way to still work with your partner without exposing your baby to smoke. The risk to your baby is too high for you to avoid addressing this situation.

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