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  Solids – Feeding chair
I have already invested so much money in baby equipment. Do I really need a baby high chair? Can’t I just feed the baby on my lap?

You really do need a strong and sturdy baby chair in order to make feeding time easier. Trying to control and feed a squirming baby on your lap is going to make your life really difficult. Not to mention the mess! Your baby will be spending a fair amount of time in the baby high chair during the next year or two, so it really is a worthwhile investment. There are high chairs available that convert into a small low table and chair that are more suitable for a toddler. If the investment is not easy for you, then perhaps you should look at something versatile in this line.

It is not a bad idea to get baby used to the feeding chair by letting him play in it several times before you first feed him in it. That will give you the chance to investigate ways to make baby comfortable and happy in the chair. He may need to be propped or supported with a blanket or cushion until he is a bit older and stronger. These early trials in the baby high chair will help you establish whether baby is in fact ready for solids – if he can’t sit in the high chair for a few minutes without slumping or getting unhappy then he may not be ready for solids. You need to be very diligent about strapping him into the chair every time you put him into it, and never leave him alone in the high chair.

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