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  Solids – Getting started
I am quite nervous about starting to feed my baby solids. Any tips to help me get started?

Select the time of day during which baby seems to be the most hungry, but ensure that when you embark on the feed, that he is not tired and grouchy. Let him get used to the high chair by putting him in it a few times before you actually give him the first feed. A good idea is to give him a short drink of his normal feed (breastmilk or formula) so that he is not thirsty or very hungry. Then pop him into the feeding chair, well covered by a nice big bib, and let him have a few mouthfuls of the rice porridge. He is sure to want to participate fully in the experience, so letting him have a short spoon of his own to hold will really help him feel that he is helping! He might be so inquisitive that a small blob of food on the table for him to examine fully might help to get him used to what food actually is, and distract him a bit while you get a little into his mouth.

Remember that for the first while, your baby will not eat any serious amounts of food. Just try to get a few tiny spoons into his mouth so that he starts to get used to the feeding process. Be patient and do not have too many expectations of the process. Even if he does not actually eat anything, and all the food ends up just making a mess, you have not failed in your mission. He is learning a totally new and completely foreign skill and it can take time. On the other hand, he may be one of those babies that catches on immediately and opens his mouth wide like a little bird, for another mouthful!

Babies sometimes take a while to adapt to the taste and texture of food. It is important that you persevere, and do not take the situation too seriously. Be playful and loving and do not try to rush the process. Enjoy your baby’s learning process with him, and be sure that when he is ready and hungry he will start to eat proper amounts.

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