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  Solids – Keeping clean
I just find bibs so awful. I have found that if I put baby in the high chair just in a nappy, then I can just give him a wipe down after feeding, or time it so that he baths straight after his meal. My mother thinks it’s very lazy of me. Is it ok?

There is a lot of mess to deal with when it comes to babies, what with nappies and now bibs. If feeding baby naked works for you then what is the problem? Enjoy yourself! However, there are eventually going to be situations when you are going to have to feed your baby away from home, or the weather will get chilly, and in these situations a bib is really necessary. Shop around for a bib which you find less offensive. There are plastic ones with a pocket at the bottom for the discarded food. You can run these under the tap, and clean them with the washing up brush. That may suit you better than having those grubby bibs in your washing machine. One problem that could arise is that a baby who is not used to wearing bibs may resist them when they need to wear them at a later stage. But that is not to say that a baby who has been wearing bibs all along wouldn’t suddenly decide he does not want to wear them any more. Babies are pretty unpredictable in that way!

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