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  Solids – Using a bottle for solids

I just don’t know if I can take the mess and fuss. I really don’t understand why I can’t just put the porridge in a bottle with a big hole in the teat.

Sorry, but there is no way out of this one. Baby has to learn to eat from a spoon. It’s an important skill to learn around at around six months old. The other reason why a spoon is better is that babies only need a tiny portion of solids to fill them up. When they take their solids from a bottle, babies in general tend to overeat, and that can cause baby to put on too much weight.

So persevere. It’s stage that passes. In fact, if you let yourself stop worrying about the mess, you could find that it is quite enjoyable. Babies are very entertaining at the best of times, and when making a huge mess with a bit of food, they can be really very sweet and funny.

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