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  Sound in the womb
My husband wants to play music to the baby while I am pregnant. Am I wrong to be sceptical? From the six month mark, babies in the womb can hear well, but the higher range of sounds are filtered out by the uterus. One of the advantages of playing music to babies in the womb is to establish familiar sounds. After birth the baby is thrust into a new and confusing world, and listening to familiar sounds can be extremely calming for some babies. There is evidence that music such as that of Mozart has beneficial effects on brain activity.

New and interesting scientific work has shown that newborns show a marked preference for the sound of voices over other sounds. Babies given dummies which emit speech-like sounds when sucked, were shown to suck considerably more than babies with normal dummies! No-one is sure if this proves an inherent inclination towards speech-like sounds, or if the familiarity of these sounds is the attraction.

In the meantime playing lovely music to your baby can only be positive. Even if the only benefit is that you, the tired pregnant woman, get a chance to sit and relax, that in itself is a bonus for your baby. Indulge your husband and enjoy the fact that he is so interested in your pregnancy. Chances are his instincts are right.


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