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  Stretch Marks - And what to do about them. J &J advices

Stretch marks are common in the latter half of pregnancy and tend to show up on the abdomen, breasts, thighs, hips and buttocks. At first, the marks look reddish-purple but the colour fades after pregnancy and they become less noticeable.

What causes stretch marks?
Although the skin is usually fairly elastic, when it's overstretched by rapid growth, the normal production of collagen is disrupted. During pregnancy, the hormones that soften the collagen ligaments of the pelvis to prepare it for childbirth, also increase the likelihood of stretch marks.

How do I guard against them?
Keep your skin well moisturised with Johnson's® Pure Tissue Oil, which contains a unique blend of oils clinically proven to visibly improve the condition of your skin.

- Stretch marks - With regular use, Johnson's® Pure Tissue Oil helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks and helps prevent new ones forming.

- Elasticity - It will improve skin firmness, softness and elasticity.

- Hydration - It moisturises your skin and helps to relieve pregnancy itches.

- Scars - After six weeks of use, it will help reduce the appearance of scars.

- Marks and blotches - It helps to visibly reduce the appearance of dark marks and skin blotchiness.

How often should I use Johnson's Pure Tissue Oil?
Johnson's® Pure Tissue Oil should be rubbed into the skin twice daily. The light, non-greasy formula is quickly absorbed, leaving skin soft and supple.

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