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  Swollen Hands
I am 35 weeks pregnant with my first child and today my hands are swollen and a little tender. They seem rather warm - is this normal? I have no swelling in my feet, face or anything, just my hands and I am a little concerned. What should I do?

Since swelling is one of the signs that your blood pressure may be rising, you should be on the lookout for sudden swelling of hands, feet and face, and consult your doctor immediately you notice such symptoms. However some swelling is perfectly normal especially during the last months of pregnancy, and not usually an indiction of any problem.

After being on your feet for extended periods of time you may notice some swelling, especially of hands and feet. It may also be more severe towards the end of the day. Since it is uncomfortable it is useful to know a few ways to relieve the problem:

- Swelling should be greatly reduced by a good night’s rest, but managing to put your feet up for a while every day may reduce the severity of the swelling.

- Check your salt intake and ensure that it is not excessive

- Increase your fluid intake as this will help flush your system. Two litres of fluid is the minimum you should be drinking.

- See if short brisk walks through the day helps

- Make sure you are wearing comfortable and sensible footwear

- Make sure you are wearing comfortable and sensible footwear

- Experiment with support hose as they can be extremely helpful

- Do not be tempted to try diuretics without consulting your doctor

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