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  Toilet troubles: Stress Incontinence
Since my baby was born I seem to have very little control of my bladder and leak urine at the slightest stress. I know that my poor body is still recovering from the birth, and wondered what I can do to speed up the healing?

Well if you haven’t heard of Kegels then here is information you need to know. It is up to you to strengthen the muscles in this area and this will be of benefit to you in several different ways. To strengthen the pelvic floor muscles you simply contract the muscles around your vagina as if stopping the flow of urine. Hold this contraction for around ten seconds, but do not hold your breathe. Release slowly and then repeat up to four times. You should do this exercise several times through the day and within a few weeks you should notice an improvement in the strength of this area. Strengthening these muscles will help you recover faster from labour. It is important to continue doing these exercises after the birth, and for the rest of your life to keep this area strong and toned.


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