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  Tooth Accidents
My husband I can’t agree about whether our baby should visit the dentist for a chipped tooth. I worry that damage to the tooth will affect his proper teeth, but my husband thinks I am fussing about nothing?

Whether to visit the dentist depends mainly on the nature of the damage. A small chip is extremely common and really not worth a dental visit. However if the tooth has sharp edges then a dentist may need to file it or repair the edge for your baby’s comfort.

The only way the permanent teeth can be affected by damage to the baby teeth is if the nerve is damaged. So what you need to look out for is pain or swelling of the gum. If the tooth seems to have moved at all, or the baby is in any discomfort, then you should call the dentist immediately. Keep in mind that it can sometimes take a few days for the pain or swelling to appear. A pink area in the middle of the damaged tooth is also a reason to call the dentist. The dentist will probably need to x-ray the tooth to establish the extent of the damage and decide on the course of action.

Meanwhile, try not to panic about these kinds of accidents. They happen all the time with small children, and it is really helpful if you can cope when they do!

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