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  Tooth – Crooked
When is a good time for a dentist visit – these first teeth do not look straight to me at all, and I don’t want to regret it if I leave it late to address the problem.

Most children do not need a dental check up until they are between one and two years old. However, if your baby drinks juice from a bottle, especially at bed time, then you should watch carefully for signs of tooth decay and take baby to the dentist at the first sign.

First teeth often look crooked. They are often different sizes, and sometimes a pretty odd collection of teeth. Don’t worry too much, since as the mouth fills up the teeth generally tend to straighten up and find their places. Crooked baby teeth do not necessarily mean that the adult teeth will be crooked.

As with all your experiences of motherhood, if this issue is really bothering you, then it is better to spend the money to get reassurance from a dentist, than to keep on worrying. Have a check up! The advantage of early check ups is that it can reduce the chances of baby being afraid of the dentist later.

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