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  Tooth Staining
I was so proud of my baby’s first teeth, but my husband pointed out that they are a strange grey colour. Should I go to the dentist?

This is a common problem which is usually caused by the liquid iron supplement that babies take. Generally the staining will gradually disappear when the baby no longer takes this supplement. As soon as baby is old enough to take chewable vitamins it may be wise to switch and see if the discoloration fades. Meantime you should clean baby’s teeth with a soft cloth or little toothbrush as soon as baby has taken the iron supplement, to minimise further staining.

However, you have not been giving your baby the liquid iron supplement and the teeth are stained, the problem may be more serious. The discoloration might in fact be caused by tooth decay caused by juice or formula. Enamel problems or a tooth injury are also possibilities. This is a definite case for a dentist visit.

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