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  Triple Test
I thought that I was 16 weeks pregnant when I had the Triple test done. From the results my doctor told me that I was at high risk for a Down’s Syndrome baby. When I had my ultrasound scan it turned out that my dates were wrong. For the accurate dates my results now fell in the normal range and so I decided not to have an amniocentesis. I feel that my doctor let me down because it was such a traumatic experience for me.

You have been through a tough time, but must be relieved that everything turned out well. In fact less than 5% of women who have abnormal levels on the Triple test turn out to have babies with Down’s Syndrome or another defect. This test is just an indicator that there is a possible problem and that more testing is required. In addition to wrong dates, there are many factors that can influence the test, such as multiple pregnancy.

Your doctor has been careful in asking you to take the test and also in checking your dates by ultrasound. So perhaps you could speak to your doctor about how afraid you were, and let him know that in dealing with future patients he should explain more clearly that the Triple test is merely an indicator.

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