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  Triple Test - Reason
I am fed up with how many tests I have had to take since I got pregnant. Why is the triple test important?

The results of the triple test are very important in that you can get an indicator whether you are at risk to have a baby with Down’s Syndrome, other genetic diseases, or problems such as spina bifida. Should the test be in the normal range, this can be very reassuring. It also reduces the number of amniocentiesis required. Amniocentiesis is an extremely valuable test used to provide a lot of data about the health of your baby. However it does pose a small risk of miscarriage.

So if you can establish that your baby is healthy by means of a simple blood test, all the better. However it is important to keep in mind that even if your levels of the hormones that the test measures are not in the normal range, this is just an indicator that more testing is required and only a very small portion of those with abnormal results really do have babies with a problem.

Should your results not be in the normal range, your doctor will probably send you for an ultrasound scan to get an accurate determination of your due date, and to check the baby. The next step after this may be amniocentesis.

So yes, pregnancy does involve a lot of tests. But they are all to reassure you that your baby is healthy, or to preempt any problems that may arise. Remind yourself that your doctor sends you for all these tests because he has the well being of you and your baby in mind.

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