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  Waters Break – Beginning of labour
Although my waters broke in the night, I still do not have any contractions. What should I do?

As a general rule, once your waters break the labour will start within that day. As soon as you waters break you should call your doctor, so that the doctor is on standby for you. Try to be scrupulously clean in the vaginal area, as there is a risk of infection now that the waters have broken. For this reason your doctor will probably have a limit to how long you will be allowed to go with no intervention. In other words, if your labour does not start within the next short time, your doctor will probably induce your labour. This time period depends on your doctor, and can vary from as little as a few hours to as much as several days. Things to avoid after the waters have broken include the use of tampons, sexual intercourse, and trying to examine yourself to see if you are dilating. Anything that could lead to infection is best avoided. Wear a sanitary pad to mop up any water that may leak out, and be prepared for labour to start at any moment.

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