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  Weight Gain
How much weight should I gain?

The average woman should aim to gain 10- 13 kg during her pregnancy at roughly 450g per week from the 12th week. At full term the baby will weigh 3- 4kg, but the rest of the weight is not fat – it is made up of the baby’s support system This is broken up as follows:

  Placenta 0.7 kg
  Amniotic fluid 1.0 kg
  Uterine enlargement 1.6 kg
  Breast tissue 0.5 kg
  Additional blood & fluids 4.0 kg
  Baby 3.4 kg
  Total 11.2 kg gain

Weight gain proportions:

  Baby 38%
  Placenta 9%
  Amniotic fluid 11%
  Uterus and breasts 20%
  Blood 22%

First Trimester (1-3 months)
The weight gain during this period should only be in the region of 1-2kg. The baby contributes very little to this, rather this is the weight of the baby’s support system.

Second trimester (12 to 28 weeks)
The weight gain in this period is around 6kg. The baby’s contribution to this figure is around 1kg.

Third trimester (28 – 40 weeks)
The weight gain in this period is approximately 5kg. At least half of this will be gained directly by the baby.

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