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  Work –Spouse doing his share
I have a demanding job and I really worry about how I will cope with my baby and all the routine things that need to be done, in addition to the stresses of work. How do I ensure that my husband helps me out?

There is only one answer to this and that is communication. You have to explain to your husband the implications of you going back to work. You must find a way to help him understand the situation you are in. What is vital is that you find a way to communicate with him in a gentle and loving way so that he is more open to your suggestions. If you aren’t careful he can perceive the conversation as an attack, and since you are trying to get him to see your point of view.

While you are still at home try to set up some routines that will help you achieve your goals. Perhaps dad can take baby for a walk when he gets home from work, giving you same time to get things done. Perhaps dad could be in charge of bath time? Figure out what responsibilities he would enjoy, and then encourage him in that area. It also helps him to understand how demanding babies are!

If both of you are working in stressful and demanding jobs, then you really are going to have to consider getting household help. This means when you get home from work you are not trying to clean, cook and look after the baby. If the house is clean and perhaps the food prepared or at least a start made, you can give the baby the attention that he deserves and needs from you after a day away. You will be able to enjoy his company, and that is all that is required to fulfil the criteria for quality time!


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