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  Work – Working with baby present
My husband wants me to work with him and thinks it will be no problem for me to just do the work with baby in tow. I am really nervous that I will let him and the baby down. Is this possible or is he asking too much?

You don’t mention what the work entails, and that is of course a vital component of the situation. What your husband is proposing is perfectly possible in theory and many women find themselves in this position.

However you will need to build a structure that supports you. If you have a contented, sleepy baby then you may well be able to get a considerable amount of work done even with baby around. You will probably need to consider domestic help, however, so that you do not burn out trying to do everything. If your baby is more needy, you may need more help with child care. Perhaps a nanny is the answer, or perhaps your mother is available to have the baby for a few mornings a week. There are women who do a few hours work in the evening after the baby has gone to sleep, which is all the more feasible if you work with your husband and do get to see him in the day. If you only see your partner at night after his work, then this type of arrangement might be difficult.

Since the possibility of flexible employment is a real bonus that many woman dream of, it is worth giving this option a try. Be open and willing to try different scenarios until you figure out a way to make the situation workable for all involved. Do not try to be superwoman, and be open with your husband about what is possible. Try and start off gently and build up until you figure out exactly how much work is feasible for you to do in this situation.

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