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B:   Baby care products - J&J    
      - Pure Beginnings Organic Care - Vegan, organic, beauty without cruelty
    Bibs - Cherubs Disposable Bibs    
    Books - Disney Book Club    
    Bottles - Nuk    
    Breathing Monitor - Snuza Halo    

C:   Car - Car seat covers    
    Care Mats - Cherubs Care Mats    
    Child Safety Products - 4 A Kid    
    Compactums - Bubble Kids Furniture    
      - Incey Wincey    
    Cots - Bubble Kids Furniture    
      - Incey Wincey    
    Clothing - Reigo online clothing store    

D:   Décor - Baby and Kids Corner    
    Decorating service - Bubble Kids Furniture    
      - Incey Wincey    
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E:   Econappies - Stegi Econappies    
    EcoWipes - Cherubs baby wipes    

F:   Fabric softener - Annique fabric softener    
    Fertility Products - Cherubs Tumblesoft Fertilitree - for home delivery
    Furniture - Bubble Kids Furniture    
      - Incey Wincey    
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I:   Interior decorators - Bubble Kids Furniture    
      - Incey Wincey    

J:   Jungle gyms, timber - Monkey Trix    

M:   Memorabilia - Memories 4 Ever    
    Monitor - Snuza Halo Breathing monitor    

N:   Nappies - Stegi Econappies    
    Nappy Sacks - Cherubs Nappy Sacks    
    Nursing Pads - Cherubs Nursing Pads    
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P:   Parties - Northriding Pre Primary    
    Personalized items - Memories 4 Ever    
    Play jungle gyms, timber - Monkey Trix    
    Portraits, Family & Children - The Little Studio in the Suburb    

R:   Removable covers - Car seat covers    
    Retail Shops - Kids Emporium    
    Rooibos products - Annique Baby Rooibos products    

S:   Sleep Suit - The Cozybug    

T:   Tissue Oil - J&J    
    Training pants - Stegi Econappies    

W:   Waterproof nappy covers - Stegi Econappies    
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