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A:   Aaron - High Mountain, Lofty, or Inspired
    Abbey - Father rejoiced, or father's joy
    Abbott - Head of a Monastery
    Abdul - Servant of God
    Abdullah   The servant of Allah
    Abel - Son or Breath
    Abner - My father is luminous
    Abraham - Father of a Multitude
    Ace - One who Excels
    Achmed - Praiseworthy
    Adam - Son of the Red Earth
    Addison - Adam's Child
    Adiel - Decorated by the Lord
    Adrian - From Hadria
    Aero - Of the Sky
    Agenor - Son of Poseidon
    Aiden - Fiery One
    Akeem - Knowledgeable, Wise
    Aladdin - Servant of Allah
    Alan - Handsome
    Albert - Noble, Bright
    Alberto - Noble, Bright, Famous
    Albin - White, Related to Alba, A Place
    Albie - Brilliant, bright
    Alden - Old friend, wise protector
    Alex - Man's Defender
    Alexander - Defender of the People
    Alfonso - Noble, Eager, Brave
    Alfred - Magical counsel
    Ali - All High
    Alistair - Defender of Mankind
    Alphie - Elf Wisdom
    Alpine - From the Alps
    Alston - Elf stone
    Alvan - Friend of the Elves
    Alwyn - Loved by All
    Amadeus - God's Love
    Amando - Worthy of love
    Amari - Strength
    Ambert - A bright, shining light
    Ambrose - Immortal
    Amiel - The Lord of my people
    Anderson - Andrew's Son
    Andy - Brave, Manly
    Andre - Manly, Brave
    Andrew - Twelfth Night
    Angelo - Messanger from God
    Angus - One Strength
    Ansel - Nobleman's Follower
    Anthony - Worthy of admiration or praise
    Anwaar - Multiple lights
    Anwill - Beloved
    Apollo - Uncle of Tristan
    Apollos - Manly beauty
    Archie - Diminutive form of Archibald
    Ari - Eagle / visible and clear
    Armand - Army man, soldier
    Arnaldo - eagle
    Arne - The eagle rules, strong as an eagle
    Arnon - rushing stream
    Arsen - strong
    Artemus - Follower/gift of Artemis
    Arthur - Strong as a bear
    Ash - Ash Tree
    Asher - Blessed, Happy
    Ashley - Lives in the ash tree grove
    Ashraf - More noble
    Ashton - From the town with ash trees
    Ashur - Ashur was the Assyrian god of war
    Ashwin - Spear friend
    Atlas - A Titan
    Aubrey - Rules with elf-wisdom
    Auburn - Handsome
    Audric - An old, wise ruler
    Augustine - Majestic dignity, grandeur
    Augustus - Venerable, the exalted one. The name of the first great roman emperor
    Austin - Venerable, the exalted one
    Avery - Elfin
    Avner - The father of light. A biblical name
    Axel - Father of peace
    Azariah - Help of God
    Azriel - Help of God
    Azul - The Color Blue
    Azure - Bluish Color
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