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B:   Bade - Incomparable
    Baden - Bather
    Bailey - Server
    Baird - Minstrel, Poet
    Balder - god of light
    Baldwin - Friend
    Bale - home of the Mutima clan
    Bali - Mighty warrior
    Balin - A knight of the Round Table
    Bandit - Thief
    Bangizwe - Fighting for land/born during a civil war (Zulu)
    Banner - Flag
    Barack - Blessed
    Barak - Blessing, Spark
    Barclay - From the meadow of the Birch tree
    Barden - From the valley of barley
    Barlow - Hardy
    Barnabas - Prophet
    Barnard - As brave as a bear
    Barney - As brave as a bear
    Baron - A nobleman
    Barrington - From Barentin in France or Barrington in England
    Barry - Marksman
    Bart - Hill, furrow. From the name Bartholomew
    Bartholomew - Hill, furrow
    Barton - From Barton
    Bary - Fair headed
    Bash - Chief, commander
    Bashir - A good omen
    Basil - Like a king
    Batson - Son of Bartholomew
    Baxter - A baker
    Bayle - Beautiful
    Bayley - A bailiff or administrative official
    Beacher - dweller by the beech tree
    Beagan - Small
    Beckett - Dweller by the Brook
    Beckham - From the Beck Homestead
    Ben - Son of my right hand
    Benedict - Blessed
    Benjamin - A son of the south, or the son of the right hand. The brother of Joseph in the Bible
    Bennet - Little blessed one
    Benny - Son of my right hand
    Benson - Son of Benjamin. Son of my right hand
    Bentley - From the bent grass clearing or meadow
    Benton - From the bent grass farm
    Bernard - Bold as a Bear
    Bernie - Bold as a Bear
    Bert - Bright, nobility
    Bevan - Son Of Evan
    Bill - A strong and resolute protector
    Billy - A strong and resolute protector
    Birch - At the Birch tree
    Bishop - Overseer, Guardian
    Blade - Glory, prosperity
    Blaine - Yellow
    Blake - Fair-haired
    Blaze - Flame
    Blythe - Joyous and cheerful
    Bob - Famous, bright fame
    Bobby - Famous, bright fame
    Bolton - Of the manor farm
    Bongani - Give thanks (Zulu)
    Booker - Bleacher
    Boris - Warrior
    Boston - From St. Botolf's stone
    Boswell - forested town
    Brad - Broad meadow
    Braden - From the wide valley
    Bradford - A broad ford
    Bradley - A broad lea, meadow
    Bradshaw - From the Broad Field, Forest
    Brady - From an old surname
    Brandon - A raven
    Branson - Son of Brand
    Brant - Firebrand
    Brasen - Bold
    Brawley - Descendant of Brolach
    Braxton - Brock's town
    Bray - Brick Layer
    Braylon - Combination of Brayden and Waylon
    Brayton - From Bray's Town
    Brend - Prince
    Brendon - Little Raven
    Brenner - Charcoal Burner
    Brent - A steep climb
    Brentley - From the Place by the Hill
    Brenton - From Bryni's Town (Town of Fire)
    Brett - Breton
    Brewster - Brewer
    Breyson - Son of Bryce/Barry
    Brian - Strong one
    Brock - Badger
    Broderick - Son of Rhydderch
    Brody - Son of Roderick. A renowned ruler
    Bronson - From Branson
    Brooklyn - Water, stream
    Bruce - Woods
    Bruno - Brown haired
    Brutus - Heavy, Muscular
    Bryce - The speckled, or freckled, one
    Brycen - Elaboration of Bryce
    Buckley - From the meadow of the buck deer
    Buddy - Friend
    Burley - From the fort or castle meadow
    Burt - A short form of the name Burton. Also a variation of Bert
    Burton - Town of the Fortress
    Buster - A nickname, but it is sometimes used independently
    Butch - Manly
    Buzz - Village in the Woods
    Byrd - Like a Bird
    Byron - Bear or cottage
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