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C:   Caden - Fighter
    Cadman - A man of battle
    Cadmus - A man from the east. A mythological figure
    Caesar - The name of the famous Roman emperor
    Cage - Confining Structure with Bars
    Cain - The son of Adam and Eve who murdered his brother Abel
    Calder - From the Wild Water
    Caldwell - cold spring
    Caleb - The devoted one
    Caley - Slender
    Calvin - The little bald one.
    Cam - orange fruit, sweet, beloved, referring to the sun
    Cameron - A crooked nose. From an old Scottish surname
    Camlin - crooked line
    Caphis - From Shakespeare's play Timon of Athens
    Caradoc - Beloved or amiable
    Carel - A free man
    Carl - A free man
    Carlisle - The place of the fort
    Carlo - A free man
    Carlos - A free man
    Carlton - From the settlement of the free peasants
    Carrick - A rocky cliff or cape
    Carrington - beautiful
    Carson - From the marshland, son of Carr
    Carsten - A follower of Christ. A Christian
    Carter - A cart driver or maker
    Carvell - The marshy estate, or the estate of the spearman
    Carver - Wood carver
    Carwyn - Blessed love
    Casey - The vigilant one
    Cash - Maker of chests
    Casper - treasurer
    Cassio - From Shakespeare's play Othello
    Cassius - Vain
    Castiel - Angel of Thursday
    Cathal - A battle ruler
    Cavan - The handsome one
    Cedric - Chief
    Cesar - The name of the famous Roman emperor
    Chad - Battle, warrior. From the name of a 7th-century saint
    Chadwick - Battle, warrior
    Chalice - Cup, Goblet
    Chancellor - Keeper of records, secretary
    Chapman - A merchant or trader
    Charles - Manly, full grown
    Charlie - Free man
    Charlton - From the settlement of the free peasants
    Chase - The hunter
    Chester - A Roman site or camp
    Chetwin - From the cottage on the winding path
    Chilton - From the children's farm
    Chris - Bearing Christ. The patron saint of travellers
    Christian - A follower of Christ
    Christopher - Bearing Christ
    Christos - Christ
    Chuck - Manly, full grown
    Chuckie - A free man
    Churchill - From the church on the hill
    Ciprian - A man from the island of Cyprus
    Ciro - The name of the founder of the Persian empire
    Clancy - A red or ruddy warrior
    Clark - A cleric or scholar. Also see Cleary
    Claude - The lame one
    Claudius - The lame one
    Claus - The victory of the people
    Clay - From the clay
    Clayton - Town on clay land
    Cleatus - Illustrious
    Cledwyn - Rough but blessed
    Clemens - Gentle, merciful. From the name Clement
    Clement - Gentle, merciful
    Cliff - From the ford by the cliff or slope
    Clifford - From the ford by the cliff or slope
    Clifton - From a town near a cliff
    Clint - The place on the headland
    Clinton - The place on the headland
    Clitus - From Shakespeare's play Julius Caesar
    Clive - Cliff
    Cloten - From Shakespeare's play Cymbeline
    Clyde - The name of a river
    Cody - A pillow or cushion
    Colbert - A bright seafarer
    Colby - From the dark country
    Cole - Dark and swarthy
    Collin - Fire
    Colman - Little dove
    Colton - From the dark town
    Conan - Wise and intelligent
    Conley - Hero
    Conner - Wise
    Conrad - Bold, wise counsellor
    Conroy - Wise
    Constantine - Firm, constant
    Conway - Welsh: Holy water. Irish: A yellow hound
    Cooper - Barrel maker
    Corban - a gift devoted to God
    Corbett - A raven
    Corey - Dweller in the hollow
    Corin - The name of a Roman deity, possibly meaning a spear
    Cornelius - Horn-coloured
    Cornell - Talkative person, also derived from cornelius
    Corwin - A friend of the heart
    Cosmo - Perfect order, harmony
    Coty - Old house
    Craig - A rock or crag
    Cranley - From the meadow of the cranes
    Crawford - From the ford with the crows
    Cristiano - A follower of Christ
    Cristo - Bearing Christ
    Crosby - From the village with the cross
    Cubert - A Celtic saint and a placename
    Curan - From Shakespeare's play King Lear
    Curt - Bold, wise counsellor
    Curtis - Courteous
    Cusick - One Who Provokes
    Cyril - Lordy
    Cyrus - The name of the founder of the Persian empire
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