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D:   Daemyn - Constant, Loyal
    Dagan - Grain, or the earth
    Dakarai - happiness
    Dakota - A friend
    Dale - A valley dweller
    Dallas - Skilled, or from the field of water
    Dalton - The town near the valley
    Damian - Tame, domesticated. Also a true friend
    Damon - Day or constant
    Dan - God is my judge
    Dane - From Denmark
    Daniel - God is my judge
    Danny - From The Name Daniel
    Dante - Enduring, steadfast
    Danton - Everlasting
    Dara - Star/ compassion or pearl of wisdom / wealthy
    Darby - Irish Gaelic: Free from envy. Middle English: The deer settlement
    Darel - Blue Sky
    Daren - Born at night
    Darien -  Wealthy
    Darius - Wealthy. The name of several ancient Persian kings
    Darnell - From the hidden place
    Darrel - beloved
    Darrell - The dear one, the beloved
    Darren - Great
    Darryl - Dear, beloved
    Darshan - a god's name
    Darth - Dark
    Darton - From the deer forest or estate
    Daruka - Tree
    Darwin - A beloved friend
    Dave - Beloved. From the name David, but also used independently
    Davey - The beloved, the adored one. From the name David
    David - The beloved, the adored one
    Davidson - The beloved, the adored one
    Davie - The beloved, the adored one. From the name David
    Davin - The bright one from Finland
    Davis - David's son
    Dawson - Son of Ralph
    Daxton - From the town of Dax in France
    Dayton - Bright and sunny town
    Deacon - servent, messenger
    Dean - Latin: A soldier. Tuetonic: Merciful
    Deandre - Combination of De and Andre
    Declan - The name of a 5th-century bishop
    Dedric - A ruler of the people. Also see Theodoric
    Dedrick - A ruler of the people. Also see Theodoric
    Deiondre - Valley
    Delbert - Bright as day
    Deli - warrior
    Delmar - From the sea
    Delroy - The son or servant of the king
    Delsin - He is so
    Delwyn - Old English: A friend from the valley. Welsh: Neat and fair
    Deman - Man
    Demarcus - Combination of De and Marcus
    Demario - Son of Mario
    Demas - Popular
    Demitrius - Lover of the earth
    Demos - Of the people
    Dempster - The judge
    Denes - wine, drama
    Denham - A homestead in the valley
    Denis - Wild, frenzied. Also a lover of wine
    Denley - From the meadow in the valley
    Dennis - Wild, frenzied. Also a lover of wine
    Dennison - The son of Dennis. Wild, frenzied. Also a lover of wine
    Denny - Devotee of Dionysos
    Denton - From the farm or town in the valley
    Denver - From the edge of the valley
    Denzel - From a placename meaning high stronghold
    Denzil - From a placename meaning high stronghold
    Derek - A ruler of the people
    Derion - Upholder of the Good
    Dermot - Envy free
    Derrell - The dear one, the beloved
    Derren - From an old Welsh name
    Derrick - From the Oak grove
    Derron - Great
    Derry - Cornish: Of the Oak trees. Irish Gaelic: Redheaded, and the name of an Irish county
    Derward - The deer-keeper
    Derwent - The name of rivers in England and Tasmania
    Derwin - A beloved friend
    Derwood - The gatekeeper
    Derwyn - A beloved friend
    Desmond - The world
    Devante - fighter of wrong
    Devarsi - sage of the Devas
    Devdan - The gift of the gods
    Devin - A poet
    Devlin - Fierce bravery
    Devon - The name of a Southwestern English county
    Devonte - From the tribe of Dumnonii
    Dewayne - Wagon maker
    Dewi - Welsh form of David. The beloved, the adored one
    Dexter - Right-handed, dexterous
    Dexton - Town of Dyer
    Diamond - A shining protector
    Dickson - The son of Richard (Dick's son). Brave and strong
    Diego - Spanish form of James. The supplanter
    Dieter - Of a warrior race
    Dietrich - A ruler of the people
    Dillan - Son of the sea
    Dillian - Created Name
    Dillon - Man from the sea
    Dimitri - The Earth Mother and goddess of fertility
    Dino - Latin: A religious official. Old English: From the valley
    Dinsdale - Born on Sunday
    Dion - A lover of wine. From Dionysus
    Dirk - A ruler of the people
    Dixon - Richard's son
    Dolan - Black-haired
    Dolf - A noble wolf
    Dolph - A noble wolf
    Dominic - Belonging to the Lord
    Dominick - Belonging to God
    Donald - The ruler of the world
    Donny - The ruler of the world
    Donohue - A warrior dressed in brown
    Donovan - Dark warrior
    Dorian - A man belonging to the Dorian tribe 
    Doron - A gift. A modern Jewish name
    Doug - Diminutive form of Douglas
    Douglas - From the dark stream
    Doyle - A dark stranger
    Drake - Dragon
    Drew - Courageous
    Drogo - Carry
    Drostan - The noisy one
    Druce - The son of Drew. Manly, courageous. From the name Andrew
    Dryden - From the dry valley
    Drystan - The noisy one
    Duane - A little dark one
    Duarte - Portuguese form of Edward. Happy guardian
    Dudley - From the meadow
    Duglas - dark stranger
    Duke - Leader
    Duman - Smoke, or mist
    Dumisani - Praise (Zulu)
    Dunbar - A dark branch
    Duncan - Dark skinned warrior
    Dunham - A dark man
    Dunley - From the meadow of the Roe deer
    Dunmore - From the fortress on the hill
    Dunstan - From the dark stone or hill
    Dural - A hollow tree that is on fire
    Durand - enduring
    Durant - Enduring, steadfast
    Durham - A hilly peninsula
    Durward - The gatekeeper
    Durwin - A dear friend
    Dustin - Warrior
    Dusty - Diminutive form of Dustin
    Dutch - the German
    Dwaine - A little dark one
    Dwane - A little dark one
    Dwayne - A little dark one
    Dwight - White, fair one
    Dyfan - Welsh form of Damon. Day or constant
    Dylan - Man from the sea
    Dyre - A dear or precious one
    Dyson - Son of Denise
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