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E:   Earl - A nobleman
    Earnest   - The serious, earnest one
    Easton - From East town
    Earvin - From a placename (Irving)
    Eban - Stone
    Ebenezer - The rock of help
    Ebrahim - Arabic form of Abraham
    Ed - Happy guardian
    Edan - The little fiery one
    Eddie - Great spearman
    Eddy - Great spearman
    Eden - The place of pleasure, abear cub
    Edgar - Great spearman
    Edgardo - prosperous warrior
    Edison - The son of Edgar
    Edlin - A prosperous friend
    Edlin - A prosperous friend
    Edmond - prosperous protector
    Edmund - Protector
    Edolf - A prosperous wolf
    Edom - Red
    Edric - A prosperous ruler
    Edsel - The noble one
    Edward - Happy guardian
    Edwardo - Happy guardian
    Edwin - Prosperous friend
    Efrem - Fruitful
    Egan - Little fire
    Egbert - A bright sword
    Egerton - edge
    Egmont - weapon, defender
    Egon - The point of a sword
    Egor - Russian form of George. A tiller of the soil (farmer)
    Ehren - Honourable
    Einar - A lone warrior
    Eirik - An all-powerful ruler
    Eisig - he who laughs
    Eladio - A man from Greece
    Elan - Hebrew: A tree. North American Indian: The friendly one
    Elbert - Noble and illustrious
    Elbow - From Shakespeare's play Measure for Measure
    Elden - An old, wise friend
    Eldin - An old, wise friend
    Eldred - A great counsellor
    Eldric - An old, wise ruler
    Eldrich - An old, wise ruler
    Eldridge - From the Alder tree ridge
    Eldwin - old friend
    Elgan - bright circle
    Elgar - A noble spear
    Eli - The highest. A biblical name
    Elias - The Lord is God. An Israelite prophet in the Bible
    Elijah - The Lord is God
    Eliot - The Lord is God
    Elisha - God is my salvation. The successor of Elijah in the Bible
    Elkan - Possessed by God
    Ellar - A butler or steward
    Ellard - A noble ruler
    Elliot - The Lord is God. From the name Elijah
    Elliott - The Lord is God
    Ellis - A form of Elias. See Elijah
    Ellison - The son of Ellis or Elias
    Elmar - famous nobleman
    Elmo - proctector
    Elner - Famous
    Eloy - To choose. A Spanish name
    Elroy - The king
    Elston - From the nob one's farm
    Elton - The old town
    Elvin - All wise
    Elvis - All wise
    Elward - A noble guardian
    Elwin - A friend of the elves
    Elwood - The ruler of the elves
    Ely - The highest
    Emerson - The son of Emery. Ruler of work
    Emery - Ruler of work
    Emil - Industrious. The masculine form of Emily
    Emilio - Industrious. The masculine form of Emily
    Emir - charming prince
    Emlen - Industrious. The masculine form of Emily
    Emlyn - Industrious. The masculine form of Emily
    Emmanuel - God is with us
    Emmet - Industrious
    Emrey - An industrious ruler
    Emrick - immortal
    Emrys - Welsh form of Ambrose. Immortal
    Emyr - Honour
    Engelbert - A bright Angel
    Ennis - From the island
    Ennor - From the boundary
    Enos - Mankind
    Enrico - The ruler of the home or estate
    Enrique - The ruler of the home or estate
    Enzo - From the Laurel tree or crowned with laurels
    Ephraim - Fruitful
    Erasmus - Worthy of love
    Erastus - The loving one
    Ercole - From the exceptionally strong mythological hero (Hercules)
    Erebus - The mythological God of darkness
    Eric - Honourable ruler
    Erik - Honourable ruler
    Erin - From Ireland
    Ernest - The serious, earnest one
    Ernie - The serious, earnest one
    Errol - To wander
    Erroll - To wander
    Ervin - From a placename (Irving)
    Erwin - From the words `boar' and 'friend'
    Esam - Mine (my gift) (Xhosa)
    Esmond  - The gracious or handsome protector
    Esra - The helper
    Esteban - Spanish form of Stephen. A crown or garland
    Ethan - Firm, strong
    Eton - From the estate by the river
    Eugene - Born lucky
    Eustace - Fruitful, or steadfast
    Evan - Young warrior
    Everard - As strong or brave as a boar
    Everet - As strong or brave as a boar
    Everild - The slayer of the boar
    Ewald - He who rules by the law
    Ewart - A ewe herder
    Ezekiel - God strengthens, or the strength of God
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