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F:   Faber - A little blacksmith
    Fabian - Bean grower
    Fabiano - Bean Grower
    Fabio - Bean Grower
    Fabrice - A craftsman
    Fabrico - Artisan
    Fabrizio - Craftsman
    Fabron - A little blacksmith
    Fadil - The generous or distinguished one
    Fagan - The little fiery one
    Fairley - A clearing in the woods
    Faisal - A wise judge
    Fane - Eager
    Fanyana - Little boy (Zulu)
    Farand - Attractive, pleasant
    Farkas - Wolf
    Farley - From the fern clearing
    Farman - A traveller or hawker
    Farnell - From the hill of ferns
    Farrell - The valorous one
    Favian - Understanding
    Fearghus - Strong Man
    Fedele - Faithful
    Federico - A peaceful ruler
    Felipe - A lover of horses
    Felix - Happy and prosperous
    Fenwick - From the farm in the marshland
    Ferdinand - To be Courageous
    Fergal - A man of valour
    Fergus - Fearghas (Gaelic), Feargus
    Ferguson - Son of Fergus. Manly
    Fernando - Daring, adventurous
    Fernley - From the fern meadow
    Ferran - Baker
    Ferrand - A grey-haired man
    Ferrer - The blacksmith
    Ferris - A rock
    Feste - From Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night
    Festus - Steadfast
    Fidel - Faithful
    Fielding - A field dweller
    Figaro - Daring, cunning
    Filbert - Very bright
    Finbar - Fair-headed
    Fineas - Egyptian: The Nubian (dark-skinned). Hebrew: An oracle
    Fingal - The fair stranger
    Finlay - The fair warrior
    Finley - Fair haired one
    Firdos - Paradise
    Firmin - Steadfast and firm
    Fisher - Fisherman
    Fitch - A lance or spear
    Fitz - son
    Fitzgerald - The son of Gerald. A spear warrior
    Fitzpatrick - The son of Patrick. Nobleman
    Fitzroy - The son of the king
    Flanders - Person from Finland
    Flavian - Golden-haired
- Golden-haired
    Fleming - a native of Flanders
    Fletcher - Arrow maker
    Flint - A hard stone
    Floyd - The hollow
    Forbes - Prosperous
    Ford - From the ford or river crossing
    Forest - out of the woods
    Forester - A forester or gamekeeper
    Foster - Old English: A foster parent. Old French: A shearer
    Francis - a free man
    Francisco - a free man
    Francois - Free
    Frank - A member of the tribe of the Franks
    Frankie   Free, honest
    Franklin - Free man
    Frans -
a free man
    Fraser - A strawberry, or from a Norman family name
    Frasier - Strawberry
    Fred - A peaceful ruler
    Freddie - A peaceful ruler
    Freddy - A peaceful ruler
    Frederick - A peaceful ruler
    Freeman - A freeborn man
    Fritz - A peaceful ruler
    Fuller - A fuller, or cloth-thickener
    Fulton - From the muddy place
    Fulton - From the muddy place
    Furnell - A furnace
    Fyodor - The gift of God
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