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G:   Gabai - delight, adornment
    Gable - Little Gabriel. A man of God
    Gabor - Hungarian form of Gabriel. A man of God
    Gabriel - God is my strength. One of the archangels in the Bible
    Gadiel - God is my fortune
    Gage - A pledge
    Gaius - To rejoice
    Galahad - From a place name in the Bible. One of King Arthur's knights
    Galen - The calm one, or the helper
    Galeno - little bright one
    Galip - winner
    Gallagher - The foreign helper
    Gallard - From gay and lively, or a dandy
    Galloway - A stranger or foreigner
    Galton - From the rented estate or farm
    Galvin - The right one
    Galway - A stranger or foreigner
    Gamal - camel
    Gamaliel - The recompense of God
    Gamba - warrior
    Gamel - The old one
    Ganan - From the west
    Gandolf - The progress of the wolf
    Ganesh - The lord of the hosts. The elephant-headed Hindu God of wisdom
    Gannon - The little blond or fair one
    Gareth - Gentle, or an old man
    Garett - powerful with the spear
    Garfield - From the triangular field or battlefield
    Garin - warrior
    Garland - A crown or wreath of flowers
    Garman - The spearman
    Garmond   - A spear protector
    Garnet - Dark red, from the colour of pomegranates. Also the name of a gemstone
    Garrett - English from Old French. A spear warrior. Also see Gerald and Gerard
    Garrick - Leads by the spear 
    Garridan - You hid
    Garrison - Troops in battle
    Garron - Guardian
    Garry - To watch
    Garth - A field or garden
    Garvey - From the rough place
    Garvin - A spear friend
    Garwood - From the Firtrees
    Gary - English: A spearman. Also from the name Gareth, Tuetonic: Garfield and Garrett
    Garyson - son of Gary
    Gaspar - The master of the treasure
    Gassy - The staff of the Goths
    Gaston - A man from the province of Gascony
    Gautama - The name of the Buddha
    Gautier - A mighty ruler
    Gavan - White hawk
    Gavin - Little hawk
    Gavril - A man of God
    Gayle - Father's joy
    Gaylord - Brave
    Gedeon - warrior, devastator
    Gelar - A brother
    Genesis - origin
    Geoff - Divinely peaceful
    Geoffrey - Divinely peaceful
    Geordi - Hill near meadows
    Geordie - Hill near meadows
    George - A tiller of the soil (farmer)
    Geraint - Gentle, or an old man
- A spear warrior 
    Gerard - A spear warrior, or brave spearman
    Gerik - prosperous spearman
    Germain - A brother
    Gerome - A sacred or holy name
    Geronimo - A sacred or holy name
    Gerry - A spear warrior
    Gershom - In exile. A stranger
    Gerwyn - Fair love
    Gianni - Italian form of John. God is gracious
    Gibson - Son of Gilbert. Trusted
    Gideon - The mighty warrior. A biblical name
    Gifford - A gift
    Gilbert - Trusted
    Gilby - A pledge
    Gilchrist - The servant of Christ
    Gilford - By the ford
    Gillet - Little Gilbert. Trusted
    Gilmer - A servant of the Virgin Mary
    Gilroy - A son of the red-haired man
    Gino - Short for names ending with Gino
    Giordano - Flowing down, as in the River Jordan
    Giovanni - God is gracious
    Giraldo - A spear warrior
    Girvan - The rough little one
    Giulio - A Roman family name, possibly meaning youthful. Born in July
    Givon - hill, heights
    Gladstone - A bright rock
    Gladwin - A bright or kind friend
    Glanville - From the estate of Oak trees
    Glen - From the valley or glen
    Glendon - From the fortress it the glen
    Glenn - From the valley or glen
    Goddard - Divinely brave or strong
    Godfrey - God's peace
    Godwin - A divine or good friend
    Golding - The son of the golden one
    Goliath - Revealing
    Gomer - Hebrew: Complete. Old English: Good and famous
    Gomez - A man
    Gordon - Triangular hill
    Gordy - Triangular hill
    Gorman - Blue-eyed
    Gorran - A hero
    Gough - Red-haired
    Govinda - A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows
    Gower - Pure
    Grady - Illustrious, noble
    Graeme - From the gravelly place or homestead. A common Scottish surname
    Graham - From the gravelly place or homestead. A common Scottish surname
    Granger - A farmer
    Grant - The large or tall one
    Granville - Large village
    Gratian - Pleasing, or thankful
    Gray - Gray
    Grayson - The son of the bailiff
    Greg - Vigilant, watchful
    Greger - vigilant
    Gregg - Vigilant, watchful
    Gregory - Vigilant, watchful
    Gresham - From the grazing land
    Greville - From a placename in Normandy
    Griffin - Mythological beast
    Griffith - A powerful lord. Also see Gryffyn
    Grosvenor - A great huntsman
    Gryffyn - Mythological beast
    Guido - The wide one, or from the wood
    Guildford - By the ford
    Gunnar - bold warrior
    Gunther - A bold warrior
    Guntur - Thunder
    Gurion - Of lion-like strength, or the place of God
    Gus - The staff of the Goths
    Gustav - Lord's cane
    Guthrie - From the windy place
    Guy - The wide one, or from the wood
    Gyles - A kid, or young goat
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