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I:   Iagan - The little fiery one
    Iago - Spanish form of James The supplanter Also from Shakespeare's play Othello
    Iain - God's gracious gift
    Ian - God is gracious The Scottish form of John
    Ibeamaka - the agnates are splendid
    Ibrahim - The father of many
    Icarus - A legendary figure
    Ichabod - The glory has departed
    Iden - Prosperous
    Idris - Arabic: A good man Welsh: A fiery, impulsive lord
    Idwal - The lord of the wall or rampart
    Iestin - Welsh form of Justin Just or true
    Iestyn - Welsh form of Justin Just or true
    Ieuan - Welsh form of John God is gracious Also see Evan and Owen
    Iggi - Only son
    Iggy - Firey One
    Ignacio - one who is lively
    Ignatius - Ardent, fiery
    Igor - Hero Also a Russian variation of the name George
    Ihorangi - Rain
    Ike - Laughter, the laughing one
    Ikey - Laughter, the laughing one
    Ilar - Cheerful
    Ilario - Cheerful
    Ilias - Jehovah is my God
    Ilie - Romanian form of Elias The Lord is God
    Ilya - Russian form of Elijah The Lord is God
    Imam - One who believes in God
    Imaran - Prosperity
    Immanuel - God is with us
    Imre - An industrious ruler
    Inam - With me (The Lord) (Xhosa) 
    Ince - innocent
    Indra - The God of the atmosphere and sky
    Ingemar - A famous son
    Inger - A son's army or a Hero's daughter
    Inglebert - A bright Angel
    Ingmar - famous son
    Ingram - Raven angel or river meadow 
    Inigo - Ardent, fiery
    Innes - An island in the river, or from the island Also see Ennis
    Innocent - Harmless, innocent The name of several saints and popes
    Ioannes - Greek form of John
    Iolo - A handsome lord
    Iolyn - A handsome lord
    Ion - Romanian form of John God is gracious
    Iorweth - A handsome lord
    Ira - Watchful, vigilant A biblical name
    Iravan - son of Arjuna/Uloopi
    Irawaru - A figure from legend
    Irvin - Friend of boars 
    Irving - Handsome and fair
    Irwin - From the words `boar' and 'friend'
    Isa - Sanskrit: A lord Teutonic: Strong-willed
    Isaac - Laughter, the laughing one The son of Abraham in the Bible
    Isaiah - God is salvation, or God is my helper One of the prophets in the Bible
    Isha - one who protects
    Ishmael - The Lord will hear The first son of Abraham in the Bible
    Isidore - The gift of Isis (an Egyptian goddess)
    Isidro - Chidro
    Israel - The Lord's soldier
    Istvan - Hungarian form of Stephen A crown or garland
    Itzaak - Laughter, the laughing one
    Itzak - laughter
    Itzik - Laughter, the laughing one
    Ivan - Russian form of John 
    Ivar - A battle archer
    Ives - The little archer
    Ivo - The little archer
    Ivor - A battle archer
    Iyana - It is raining (Xhosa) 
    Izaak - Laughter, the laughing one
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