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K:   Kabos - swindler
    Kadin - friend, companion
    Kadir - Powerful
    Kai - sea, willow tree
    Kaikara - traditional name of God
    Kain - Warlike
    Kalani - Of the Heavens
    Kalb - dog
    Kalden - Of the golden age
    Kale - strong and manly
    Kaleb - The devoted one
    Kalid - Eternal
    Kalidas - the poet, musician
    Kalil - good/best friend
    Kalkin - tenth incarnation of God Vishnu
    Kalman - strong and manly
    Kama - Sanskrit: The golden one Thai: Love
    Kamal - Perfect
    Kami - A prickly lizard
    Kamil - Arabic: Perfecr Czech: From a Roman family name
    Kanak - gold
    Kanaye - zealous one
    Kane - Warlike
    Kaniel - Arabic: Spear-like Hebrew: A reed
    Kano - The God of the waters
    Kaplony - tiger
    Karan - A warrior
    Kardal - mustard seed
    Kardos - swordsman
    Karel - A free person
    Karim - Noble and generous
    Karl - A free man
    Karma - A star
    Karsa - falcon
    Karsten - A follower of Christ A Christian
    Karter - Cart maker
    Kartal - eagle
    Kasen - protected with a helmet
    Kasey - The vigilant one
    Kasim - One who shares or distributes
    Kasimir - The great destroyer
    Kaspar - The treasurer The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament
    Kasper - The treasurer The name of one of the three wise men in the new testament
    Kathel - A battle ruler
    Kavan - The handsome one
    Kavi - poet
    Kayin - celebrated child
    Kayne - Warlike
    Kazimir - The great destroyer
    Keane - Handsome and bold
    Kearney - warrior
    Keary - father's dark child
    Kedar - Powerful
    Keefe - Handsome, noble
    Keegan - Fiery, determined
    Keeland - little and slender
    Keeley - Beautiful
    Keenan - Little, ancient
    Keeran - Dark, black
    Kegan - fiery
    Keiran - Little and dark
    Keith - The wind
    Kelan - Slender
    Kelby - From the farm by the spring or ridge
    Keleman - gentle, kind
    Kell - From the well or spring
    Kellen - swamp
    Keller - Little companion
    Kelso - A Scottish town
    Kelt - A Celtic person
    Kelvin - The name of a Scotich river, meaning narrow water Meaning warrior or athlete
    Kemal - Perfect
    Kembell - Warrior chief
    Kemble - Warrior chief
    Kemp - From the royal manor or estate
    Ken - Handsome and fair, or born of fire From the name Kenneth and other names beginning with `Ken'
    Kenan - The name of a legendary Cornish king
    Kendall - Valley of the river Kent
    Kende - name of a honor
    Kendra - loving male
    Kendrick - Celtic: A hill Old English: Royal power
    Kenley - From the royal meadow
    Kenn - Clear as bright water
    Kennard - Bold and hardy
    Kennedy - Royal
    Kenneth - Handsome and fair, or born of fire
    Kenny - Handsome and fair, or born of fire
    Kenrich - chief hero; royal ruler
    Kenrick - A bold ruler
    Kent - Bright, white Also from the English county, and from the name Kenneth
    Kenton - From the royal manor or estate
    Kenver - A great chief
    Kenward - A bold guardian, a brave soldier
    Kenwyn - The name of a saint
    Kenya - The name of an African country
    Kenyon - White or fair-haired
    Ker - house
    Kerby - From the church village
    Kermit - A free man
    Kern - The little dark one
    Kernick - From the little corner
    Kernow - From Cornwall
    Kerry - The dark one Also the name of an Irish county
    Kers - name of a plant
    Kersen - A cherry
    Kerwin - The little black-haired one
    Keshav - Krishna's name
    Kester - Scottish form of Christopher Bearing Christ
    Keve - pebble
    Keverne - The name of a saint and a placename
    Kevin - Handsome, beautiful
    Keyon - guiding, leading
    Khairi - kingly
    Khalid - Eternal
    Khalif - Successor
    Khalil - A friend
    Khunga - Support (Xhosa)
    Kieran - Dark, black
    Killian - The little warlike one
    King - A ruler, a sovereign
    Kingsley - From the king's wood or meadow
    Kingston - From the king's town
    Kiran - A ray of light
    Kirby - From the church village
    Kirkley - From the church meadow
    Kirkwood - From the church wood
    Kiron - A wise teacher
    Kirwin - The little black-haired one
    Kisho - one who knows his own mind
    Kit - Bearing Christ or pure
    Kito - A jewel
    Kitto - Bearing Christ From the name Christopher
    Kiyoshi - The quiet one
    Klaud - The lame one
    Klaus - Leader in victory
    Klemens - Merciful, mild
    Kliment - Merciful, mild
    Knox - From the Hillod
    Knut - A knot The name of several Danish kings
    Kolos - scholar
    Kolya - Winter Also a Russian nickname from Nikolai (see Nicholas)
    Konan - Wise and intelligent
    Konol - The sky
    Konstantin - Steadfast
    Kontar - only child
    Koora - The day
    Koorong - A canoe
    Korey - Dweller in the hollow
    Kornel - A horn
    Korvin - crow
    Kosmo - Perfect order, harmony
    Kostya - Steadfast
    Kozma - decoration
    Kripa - has a twin sister Kripi
    Kris - A follower of Christ, a Christian
    Krischnan - christian
    Krishna - Dark, black
    Krispen - The curly-haired one
    Krispin - The curly-haired one
    Kristoffer - Bearing Christ The patron saint of travellers Also see Christian
    Kulan - A possum
    Kumar - A boy or son
    Kund - a name of a honor
    Kupe - The name of a heroic explorer
    Kurt - A bold counsellor
    Kuruk - A bear
    Kusagra - a king
    Kush - son of Rama
    Kwan - Strong
    Kyle - From the narrow strait Also the name of a Scottish region
    Kyler - archer
    Kynan - Wise and intelligent
    Kyne - Royal
    Kyran - Dark, black
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